A knee joint is a synovial hinge joint and is considered as the most complex joints. The prime role of this joint is to allow the flexion & extension of the shinbone relative to the thigh. But as the biological clock ticks, our knees tend to become weak and its mobility is reduced. This is also the reason for knee pain which can leave you in pain while resting as well. Moreover, sometimes medical conditions (like arthritis), injury, or poor lifestyle (junk food leading to obesity) can also lead to knee pain.

You can consult an experienced orthopedic doctor to get his advice on the issue. In some cases, the most suitable way to treat severe knee pain is through total knee replacement surgery. But there may be many questions in your mind before going for this surgery. The orthopedic team of Impact Doctor’s Hub shares some common questions that are asked by the majority of patients about total knee replacement.

FAQs: answered by the expert team of orthopedic surgeons


  • What is an artificial knee and how long will it last?

It is a structure which is made of metal and medical-grade plastic (polyethene). There are two approaches to perform total knee replacement surgery.

One is to use bone cement and another method is cement-free. In this method, the components have a penetrable coating which permits the growing of bone onto it. In some cases, both methods can be implemented during the same surgery.

According to the experience & observation, in more than 82% of cases, total knee replacement works for more than 25 years. But wear and tear of the joint may vary from person to person depending upon the performance and lifespan.


  • What are the potential risks and complications?

Well the complications of knee replacement surgery are similar to other orthopedic surgeries like:

  • Slight pain after surgery for a short time
  • Blood clots
  • Infection
  • Nerve or vessel injury
  • Risks related to Anesthesia

– Discovery of other health issues that needs to be treated later on

But you do not need to worry about them as these can be avoided to an extent. You should inform you about your health needs in detail to your surgeon. This disclosure will help the surgeon to address the existing health issues through exercises or medication. Also, he will plan the treatment procedure accordingly.

Also, if you follow your orthopedic surgeon’s advice, then you will be able to avoid most of the complications without any doubt. So have faith in your orthopedic doctor’s experience & skills.


  • How should I prepare for successful treatment?

You should have someone by your side for help after surgery. Also, all the required medicines should be available with you beforehand. After the surgery, you may need to take care of the bandages and change it as suggested by your medical specialist. Also, you may need to move your furniture so that you have enough space and all the required things are near your bed. You can ask about ortho-devices that can support you in walking like walkers, crutches, etc. Moreover, follow the advice of your doctor. If you follow these steps, the you can ensure successful knee replacement.


  • What will happen after the surgery?

Initially, after the surgery, you may experience swelling or pain in knees, but these can be cured with medications. Also, you may experience a limitation in movement and can expect the recommendation of physical therapy for a period of time to improve and increase the range of motion slowly & steadily.


  • What should I expect with this surgery?

Total knee replacement is only suggested when it is considered as the most suitable option to treat knee pain and improve mobility. So you will expect reduced pain and enhanced mobility after the surgery. But before holding the expectation too high, you should discuss this topic with your surgeon. As the recovery time and expectations can be different for every patient, therefore a discussion on this topic will help you to have a precise idea of what you should expect from this treatment. For instance, you may ask why you are still experiencing a little pain in the knee as you expected that the pain will vanish instantly after the treatment. So if you discuss this topic, you will be able to set some realistic expectations, according to the complexity of your case.

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