There might be a plethora of reasons why you might be experiencing lower back pain and some of those reasons might include lifting too much, prolonged sitting and laying down, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, wearing a poorly fitting backpack, or due to working out too much. The common reason for back pain among adults and young students is stretching of a muscle and this pain gradually reduces as you take rest. You should worry about your back pain only if the pain starts increasing or the pain lasts more than 4-6 weeks.

Children and Adults recover pretty quickly from these muscle spasms and the probability of them having a condition is pretty rare but many of them have a bad sitting posture, Slouching, exercising the wrong muscles, and heavy lifting. Chronic back pain and other medical conditions are seen in people who have passed at least 50 years of their age and when they get old their muscles start becoming weaker and the muscles become loose. The smallest to minimal wrongdoing can cause a serious problem and it is very hard to recover from the pain and also experience such a situation at that given age.

Nevertheless, back pains are becoming quite common so here are 5 reasons when to worry about lower back pain.


  • Sharp pain rather than a dull ache –

    You might have experienced the dull pain in the back which goes away after some time and this is not a problem. It is a serious thing to consider if you experience a sharp piercing pain in the back. This can mean two things, The first one would be a torn muscle or ligament, and the second one would be a problem with some organ in the lower backside.


  • Radiating Pain –

    Radiating pain is very easy to identify because it is nothing like the regular pain and this regulating pain shoots up and down towards the glutes or the legs. This could be a serious case of nerve compression and to ease the pain you could apply an ice pack and lay down to relax the nerves.


  • Sudden weakness in the legs –

    You can be going about with your daily activities and suddenly you might feel your legs weakening and limbs bearing all the load. This is a clear red sign that something wrong is happening and you should immediately sit down and call for help. The weakening can be caused by compressed nerves in the spine due to conditions like sciatica or spinal stenosis. There is also a chance that the sudden leg weakness could also indicate a stroke. Both these conditions are serious so you should call for help or reach out to someone immediately.


  • Incontinence –

    Bladder incontinence might be a common issue for old people but it is a sign to worry about. The inability to control the bowels or bladder might be a sign of serious nerve compression or can even be a sign of spine infection, such as discitis or meningitis.


  • Numbness or pins and needles in the groin or glutes –

    If you feel a stabbing pain or like needles being pinned into your glutes it is a sign of serious nerve or spine condition. This is not like regular muscle pain and you should consult a doctor immediately.

These signs are extremely serious and some conditions can be treated with medicine and rest but some conditions require immediate surgery. Ignoring these signs can cause even more problems and can sometimes result in paralysis.

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