Injuries in sports can be common, but sometimes, its severity hits the player’s faith in his talent. There are many instances in the past when due to an injury, the players have to take a break from a match series. So it is important to prevent injuries and be optimistic while recovering from any sports injury.

Dr. Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay– the most trusted Sports injury doctor in Gurgaon at Impact Doctor’s Hub, shares some tips that can be helpful for returning after a sports injury.

Tips for returning after an injury in the game


  • Get Complete diagnosis

Never try to avoid getting your injury evaluated and diagnosed. Ignoring these injuries and thinking of oneself as ‘very tough’  can worsen the situation and leading to intolerable pain. You should understand that pain is the first sign of the body indicating that something is not right with it. So you should always get  a formal medical advice for your injury.


  • Know the exact cause

Recall the incident in your mind to know how you got injured, this helps your doctor to understand the extent of tissues damaged inside.  This in turn  helps plan the rehabilitation protocol.  Also, it will help you to make yourself mentally prepared to avoid such injury in future.


  • Ask for an exercise-based rehab program

You should go for expert advice and ask about physiotherapy sessions too. It works as a catalyst in your treatment procedure and corrects your wrong movement patterns and muscular imbalances as it can result in further damage of tissues and joints. Usually at Impact Doctors Hub, according to the severity of the injury, the treatment procedure is chosen, and physiotherapy is provided under the guidance of Senior and Gurgaon and Delhi’s best physiotherapist Dr. Saed Varis. He has experience of more than 7 years in this area of medical science.


  • Keep a check on your Diet

This is the most crucial step for well-being and faster recovery. You should have a full meal packed with a variety of nutrients and enough hydration. Consult your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement. These supplements will help in the rebuilding of joints. But at the same, you should stay away from junk food, alcohol and the habit of smoking.


  • Deal the situation with positivity and realism

It is quite common to be sad when you are experiencing intense pain in the body. So never hold up that emotion and let it flow so that you can return as a stronger self. Also, be practical and co-operate with your doctor to recover faster. Re-adjust your sports goals for a short period of time. Also, never miss your therapy or warm-up sessions to keep up the momentum. Moreover, be positive throughout the treatment procedure as your emotions matter a lot in healing.


How to avoid Sports injury?


  • Wear protective equipment according to the nature of sport like knee pads, helmets etc. for playing Cricket
  • Perform conditioning exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body which are majorly used in the game
  • Add stretching exercises in your daily workout and practice session as it can be helpful to improve muscular flexibility
  • Never adopt wrong training methods as they can result in injuries
  • Take enough break between two practice sessions or before the game
  • Never over-exert your body beyond its limit, or it can result in injury

So if you are suffering from any sports injury and want medical advice, then book your appointment at Impact Doctor’s Hub- the best Sports Rehab Centre In Gurgaon. A team of experts will help with the treatment process. They have treated many complex cases in past with high success ratio.