How Physiotherapy can Help Treat Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is one progressive disease-causing weakening of the bones. If not identified and left untreated, it gets worse. Osteoporosis is quite common in older females. This is due to the bone loss increasing post-menopause due to lower estrogen levels. This boosts the risk of fractures with falls. Also, as a result, due to poor postures, […]

Why Sitting for Long Period is Bad for Your Hips?

Dr Saed Varis, who is an eminent physiotherapist in Gurgaon shares why sitting for long periods is bad for Your Hips and can trigger back pain

How To Solve Severe Neck Pain Post Sleeping Incorrectly?

Dr. Saed Varis the top physiotherapist for neck pain in Gurgaon explains how to solve severe neck pain post sleeping incorrectly

Ways Physiotherapy Could Aid Women’s Health

Gurgaon’s top physiotherapist Dr. Saed Varis who heads the leading physiotherapy center Impact Doctors Hub shares ways Physiotherapy can Aid to Women’s Health

How do Physiotherapists Make Low Back Pain go Away? Shares Dr. Saed Varis

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Unlocking Relief: Essential Insights for Dealing with Frozen Shoulder

Dr Saed Varis who is the best physiotherapist in Gurgaon and heads Gurgaon’s leading physiotherapy clinic impact doctors hub shares 5 important things when you are suffering from a frozen shoulder.

Signs Your Body Needs Physiotherapy – By Dr Saed Varis

If you think that physiotherapy is a treatment for just elite athletes, then the answer is NO. It isn’t a treatment reserved only for elite athletes, or even for those recovering from an injury. Actually, it can be used to improve your health in several surprising ways says Dr. Varis from the Impact Doctors Hub.  […]

How Physiotherapy can Relieve Acute Arthritis Pain?

Dr Saed Varis the leading physiotherapist in Gurgaon and Delhi shares how Physiotherapy can relieve acute arthritis pain

7 Most Common Gym Injuries and Prevention Practice

We all know the importance of staying fit and healthy. Fitness goals require us to hit the gym or head out for a run. Whatever we do, accidents can happen anywhere. Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur, it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. Prevention is always better […]

How Much Physical Therapy After Total Knee Replacement?

Dr Saed Varsi leading physiotherapist in India for recovery from total knee replacement surgery explains how much physical therapy after total Knee replacement

When Should You Worry About Your Child’s Lower Back Pain?

Back pain is generally considered a problem during middle and older age, but a 2020 study found that more than 1/3rd of children and adolescents reported experiencing back pain in the previous year, and around 9% reported severe back pain in the previous year. Some reasons that kids and teens get back pain include obesity, intense […]

Why Do Muscles Feel Tight? Decodes India’s Leading Physio Dr Saed Varis

Gurugram’s top physiotherapist Dr Saed Varis decodes the reason why do we feel our muscles tightness

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Gurgaon’s top physiotherapist Dr Saed Varis shares that having a good posture can truly alter your life? With good posture, you will experience less back, neck, and shoulder pain; less stress; extra energy and less fatigue; improved mood; enhanced breathing, and greater confidence along with more positive body language.

5 Common Myths And Facts About Physiotherapy

Dr Saed Varis, Delhi and Gurgaon’s top physiotherapist explain several myths and misconceptions that prevent people from getting physiotherapy treatment.

Shoulder pain: Know why its hurting

If you have ever read literature, you may have observed our shoulder metamorphically indicates our capability to perform a task and this can be proved by the following statement, “I ask not for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders”. Our shoulders are one of the crucial and important joints which allows you to perform [...]

Don’t neglect your rehabilitation post ACL reconstruction

While giving the best on the field, it is quite common for athlete or player to encounter with an injury and one of the most common injuries is Anterior Crucial Knee Ligament (ACL) tear or rupture. If we observe its frequency, then players who are indulged in sports like basketball, volleyball, football, etc are more […]

Management of Hip Fractures in the elderly

Management of Hip Fractures in the elderly is an increasing problem in our society. In general, 33% of older people living independently fall every year, and one-tenth of these falling cause hip fractures. The real scenario is much more fearful, according to hip fractures related surveys. The key results of these surveys are as follows: One-fourth […]

5 Reasons When to Worry About Low Back Pain

There might be a plethora of reasons why you might be experiencing lower back pain and some of those reasons might include lifting too much, prolonged sitting and laying down, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, wearing a poorly fitting backpack, or due to working out too much. The common reason for back pain among adults […]