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Children are the future of the country. They are the most sensitive and crucial resource. But sometimes, a few uncertainties hamper the growth of the child. Impact Doctors Hub is the leading Child Rehabilitation Centre In Gurgaon, offering services to help the kids at their developing age that can empower them to be physically and psychologically prepared for the future. We aim to help the kids and their parents to discover the hidden potential of the child and assist them in polishing it through our services.

Multiple Therapy and counselling sessions are provided to each child personally and in a group to boost his confidence. It encourages them to socialize with people. These sessions promote a healthy social life of the child in future. Our prime aim is to target and improve the core personality of the child through the following approaches:

  • Sensory Integration (SI): It is an approach focused on the five senses of the body and how they coordinate with the brain. Some kids have a problem with this coordination and can be hypersensitive or hyposenstive to the stimuli of the external environment around them. Some symptoms of this issue can be observed when the kid indulges in self engaging activities like banging his head, moving back and forth without reason, etc. We use therapies (deep pressure, brushing) and tools (swings, trampolines) to help the kids in improving their coordination so that they become more social with others.
  • Neuro Development Theory (NDT): This theory is helpful to treat neurological problem or injury in the brain that limits the skills to move the body. We try to develop movement patterns in kids so that they can perform all the day-to-day activities themselves.
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF): PNF is an advanced way to improve coordination, muscular strength, and flexibility through various easy exercises. According to the ability of the child, our team can implement PNF patterns in their training program so that they can be physically stronger and more active.
  • Brain Gym: This involves many mental exercises that can boost the skills of their logical mind and sharpen their memory as much as possible. This can transform your kid into a brilliant student in their academics.
  • ADL Training: This training is usually followed for children with Celebral palsy as they have a problem in following daily life activities. We make sure to train all the movements personally according to the child’s pace.
  • Group Therapy: This therapy can be helpful for kids who have low confidence or poor social skills. Through this therapy, they can improve their communication and social skills. Before commencing this therapy, our psychologists ensure that the child has enough confidence to speak and present himself in the group.
  • Play Therapy: With this therapy, we try to figure out the actual problem area in the psychology or behaviour of the child. After a complete analysis, we try to work on those problems so that we can see a joyful smile on his face.
  • Pychological Assessment: Under the guidance of our expert team, we try to understand the problem areas and map the training plan accordingly. 
  • Behaviour Modification: Kids are sensitive to every incident that they see or feel. Sometimes a bad memory can hamper their growth and can only be observed in their behaviour. We apply various techniques to modify the behaviour and make them a stronger personality.

Impact Doctor’s Hub offers home as well as in-premises child development programs. Reports and progress of the child are frequently discussed with parents. Our team consists of experts who have enough experience to analyze the child’s mental and psychological state to develop skills which can help them to score excellently in the academics as well as curricular activities. We believe that every kid is special and unique. Hence, the development program for each should be comprehensive that can emphasize on the weaker points with a customized training approach.

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