Dr Sead Waris Shares Inputs of Hip Fractures in the elderly

Management of Hip Fractures in the elderly is an increasing problem in our society. In general, 33% of older people living independently fall every year, and one-tenth of these falling cause hip fractures. The real scenario is much more fearful, according to hip fractures related surveys. The key results of these surveys are as follows:

  1. One-fourth of these people die within the first year.
  2. Moreover, the remaining third-fourth reported a shorter life expectancy than the average life expectancy of ordinary people.
  3. Many people among these survivors bear some form of permanent disability.
  4. Around three in five persons of these survivors of hip injuries require long-term nursing care.


Factors That Contribute To Increasing Chances of Hip Fractures

Multiple factors contribute to increased chances of hip fractures in older people. If you know these factors, it will be easier for you to avert these kinds of fractures.

  1. With the increase in age, the bone density reduces. Hence, the chance of hip fracture is increased with an increase in age.
  2. According to hip injury-related Statistics, Women, after Postmenopausal, are more prone to hip fractures than men.
  3. Low bone mineral density and Low body mass index are common contributing factors in hip fracture.
  4. Due to severe stroke, people who have disabilities, Parkinson’s disease, and neuropathy are more prone to hip fractures.
  5. Chronic alcohol and tobacco use increase the chance of hip fractures.
  6. Even previous hip fractures increase the chances of hip injuries in older age.

Another reason to worry is quality care, and hip fractures treatments are not available readily, and the cost is immense if you don’t go to a proper clinic. Moreover, the costs associated with hip fractures and medical management post-hip fractures will increase if you continue treatment in a clinic where improper treatment is delivered. Experienced physicians, subspecialists, and hospitalists are needed for recovering from hip fractures.

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