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Being busy with the hectic work schedule, it is common for us to become a little careless about our health and lifestyle. Sometimes it affects our musculoskeletal system, resulting in extreme pain which needs expert care. Impact Doctors Hub is a multi-speciality clinic equipped with high-end technical equipment and an experienced team of Orthopaedics.





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Our team includes reputed doctors like Dr Debashish Chanda- with an experience of more than 10 years, Dr Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay with a gold medal in surgery, and Dr. Saed Varis- specialist in physiotherapy. The complete team has gained their experience and knowledge in the supervision of renowned national and international doctors. We have medical experts in Orthopaedic, Neuro Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Women’s health, Post Surgical Rehab, and Cardio-Pulmonary. The core objective of this clinic is to treat all ortho- problems faster and spread smiles on the patient’s as well as their family’s face.

Our team sets a complete roadmap of treatment after complete diagnosis and analysis of the problem. We choose the most effective option to recover your problem as soon as possible. Physiotherapy rehabilitation is offered to speed up the recovery process. Latest technology is used with frequent sessions to check up the body mechanics and movements. It helps us ensure that the treatment process is moving ahead according to the pre-determined plan.

We are expert at the following treatment procedures: Knee replacement, hip replacement, spine surgery, joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, arthritis management, orthopaedic physiotherapy, and sports rehab. For the best medical care, the most advanced infrastructure is maintained.

You should never neglect pain or inflammation near joints. You must seek medical advice to know the exact cause of pain to avoid serious complications. If you are looking for an experienced Orthopedic Surgeon In Gurgaon, then contact Impact Doctors Hub. Here are a few situations when you must book an appointment with the orthopaedic doctor.


  • Experiencing joint or musculoskeletal pain after an injury
  • Joint pain that is hampering its function and causing intense pain
  • Knee or hip Arthritis patients
  • Hip or knee joint pain which slowly intensifies due to overweight
  • Unsuccessful treatment of joint pain in history
  • If you are advised to undergo a surgery for joint pain or injury
  • Every day, you should perform a little warm-up by moving your joints in all possible directions. Kindly ensure that these movements are gentle and slow to prevent any injury. It will sustain mobility and prevent pain.
  • Avoid over-exerting or over-extending your joints as they can put extreme stress on the joints, tendons, and muscles and this can later result in an injury.
  • Please pay close attention to your body posture at it can affect your joints. Adjust your workspace according to your body to keep your posture correct. For instance, you can pick the object lying on the ground with legs to avoid back pain.
  • Never misuse your joints like lifting heavy weights with a single finger as the capacity of joints at fingers is less and you are misusing the joints. Rather than this, it would be a good idea, if you use your arm to lift weights or cradle the items close to your body.
  • You should not keep the joints in the same position for a prolonged time period as it can make them stiff. While working for a long time period, take a break for a couple of minutes every hour.


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