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Sometimes to recover faster from any bone or joint injury, the doctor recommends physiotherapy. It is a type of physical therapy including exercises, ice or heat therapy and other similar things. At Impact Doctor’s Hub, all the amenities for effective physiotherapy is available. This therapy is helpful for people of any age group and helps in maintaining the health of bones, joints, nerves and muscles of the body. It is also helpful in improving the mobility in the body.

Dr. Saed Varis is the head of the physiotherapy department and has more than 7 years of experience in this stream of medical science. He has worked with many reputed hospitals and is considered as the most trusted Physiotherapy Doctor In Delhi. All the required tools and equipment are available in the clinic to evaluate the condition and progress of the patient.

Patients looking for effective rehabilitation plan for their bones or joints may find physiotherapy as the best alternative. But it depends solely on the condition and the intensity of the damage or injury. Sometimes, even after surgery, your surgeon may advise you to undergo some physiotherapy sessions. The core idea for this is to increase the rate of recovery with physical therapy. It can even help in the prevention of injuries and pain that can occur due to poor posture or wrong training. Also, this treatment method can be helpful in old age or at a very young age as well.

Our team of physiotherapists uses their skills and experience to improve conditions of the various systems of the body like:

  • A neurological system covering all neural problems as such Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Cardiovascular system for helping in recovery after heart-attack
  • The neuromusculoskeletal system comprising health issues like back pain, knee pain, shoulder replacement surgery, or any joint pain, etc.
  • Respiratory system for people who are suffering from Asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other similar problems.

It is a pain-free treatment that can improve the mobility and flexibility of the body, particularly emphasizing on the targeted area. According to the medical condition, the therapy is performed under the guidance of the therapist. After proper analysis of the problem, the plan of physiotherapy is pre-determined and conveyed to the patient as well. It helps in the maintenance of coordination that can lead to 100% successful treatment. According to the pre-determined plan and present progress, a projection report is developed. On the basis of the experience, changes are made in the current plan to achieve the target.


Impact Doctor’s Hub has helped many kids, athletes, old-aged people to get rid of the pain and improve movements in their body independently. Every patient is unique, and hence customized therapy is planned according to the root of the problem. All the assistive devices with the latest technology are available here. So if you are looking for a trusted physiotherapist in Delhi NCR, then book your appointment with us. We will be glad to help in healing the problem at the fastest rate possible.


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