Shoulder pain: Know why its hurting

If you have ever read literature, you may have observed our shoulder metamorphically indicates our capability to perform a task and this can be proved by the following statement, “I ask not for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders”. Our shoulders are one of the crucial and important joints which allows you to perform the day to day task with efficiency. This glenohumeral joint is one of the most mobile joints with the capability of motion in three planes of movement that are known as sagittal (front to back), longitudinal (up to down), and transversal (sideways movements). The majority of the activities related to the movement of the arms need help from the shoulder joint as well.

Taking up so much responsibility for performing several activities also leads to a potential for problems and sometimes these are gravely painful. As our shoulder is subject to various orthopedic problems, we will discuss the most common types of shoulder pain and ways to prevent it to some extent.

Rotator Cuff Injury & Impingement due to overuse or accidental event

It is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain triggering from the rotator cuff and is observed in two different ways. These can happen due to inflammation and or a tear. The tear can be partially or fully torn from the bone, and Rotator cuff inflammation (known as rotator cuff tendonitis or tendinopathy) is caused when the muscles of the rotator cuff become irritated or inflamed. It can be treated through surgical as well as non-surgical methods, depending upon the severity of the problem.

Shoulder Arthritis due to a breakdown of articular cartilage

There are times when due to gradual wear and tear of the cartilage (the one that acts as a wrapping for the shoulder joint) and hence affects the gliding movement of the bones present at the joint. Although this problem can’t be completely cured with non-surgical methods but can control the situation and get rid of the pain with the help right exercises.

Labrum Tear due to injuries to the cartilage lining

This problem happens when there is an injury in the cartilage lining that is present at the glenoid. It is suggested to get medical advice to know the most effective treatment procedure. If it is a severe injury, there may be a need to undergo a surgery called debridement.

Frozen shoulder due to the tightening of the joint

This is also known as adhesive capsulitis and leads to thickening and tightening of the joint that later progresses into immobility. People who do not pay attention to their posture are at a high risk of suffering from shoulder pain due to this cause. After adequate treatment, you can get rid of the stiffness easily with a non-surgical method.

Biceps tendinitis due to repeated motion

It happens when the biceps tendon gets inflamed (the tendon connecting the biceps muscle to the upper arm bone) due to wear and tear. People who are indulged in sports or profession that needs repetitive overhead motion like painting, baseball, etc. are at higher risk of experiencing this type of shoulder pain.

How to prevent shoulder pain?

  • Pay attention to your posture while working at your desk
  • Don’t work continuously for a long duration and take small breaks (at least once an hour).
  • If your profession demands you to lift heavy things, then kindly use the right techniques, like- keeping the back straight, bending knees to use legs for power, and using a ladder or stool to reach something that is placed over your head.
  • Follow a conditioning program after the recommendation of a medical expert to strengthen muscles.

Hopefully, by following these measures, one can prevent shoulder to an extend. If you are looking for an experienced shoulder doctor or orthopedic in Gurgaon, then feel free to contact Impact Doctor’s Hub. Their team of orthopedic doctors will try to help in getting rid of the pain.