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Sports is a great way to stay healthy and maintain fitness. But at the same time, it requires high levels of strength and energy. Sometimes our passion for the game drives us to push our body beyond its limit which eventually leads to injuries. These injuries require special care and attention. You can book an appointment at Impact Doctors Hub to consult an experienced sports injury doctor in Gurgaon.It is an orthopedic clinic with all the required amenities. To provide the best healthcare facilities, various hi-tech tools are used and the complete team is highly qualified. For severe injuries, reputed surgeons are also available and for complete post-surgery rehabilitation, a physical therapy sessions are offered.

  • Restore mobility

One of the common reasons for visiting a sports injury doctor is to restore the functioning of the injured body part. A sports injury doctor usually treats athletes, but that doesn’t mean that only the players of major leagues can meet him for treatment. Any injury in the bone, muscles, joints, or ligaments can be healed by a sports injury specialist.

  • Appropriate treatment methods for acute & chronic injuries

Many athletes refrain from visiting a sports injury doctor because they think that the only treatment procedure recommended by this specialist is surgery which is a myth. At Impact Doctors Hub, the situation of the patient is diagnosed, and accordingly, the treatment is provided. Surgery is the last option when the injury is severe and difficult to treat with non-surgical methods.

  • Get personalized preventive care

Most of the injuries occur due to overuse of body or wrong training. In the majority of cases, it can be prevented to some extent. A sports injury doctor helps you to find preventive measures according to your sport and body’s weak areas. This helps you to avoid injuries as much as possible. This may include many exercises that can strengthen the body.

  • Strain or tearing of ACL due to direct blow or overuse of this ligament leading to instability while walking
  • Hip flexor strain due to running, sprinting, and movements involving quick turns
  • Shin splints due to overloading of muscles and tendons of the lower leg by the heavy practice of running
  • Sciatica due to degeneration, and other medical conditions faced by athletes whose sports demands flexed forward posture.
  • Groin strain to sudden side-to-side movements or lack of flexibility
  • Tennis elbow due to repetitive movements of the forearm or its overuse
  • Hamstring strain due to lack of flexibility in the muscles
  • Shoulder injuries like sprains, dislocation, etc. due to overuse, repetitive movements, and over-stretching

So these were a few common injuries that one may experience in their life. But adequate training can prevent them to an extent.


  • Try to improve flexibility, stamina, and strength of the body
  • Wear all the safety equipment to protect organs of the body as much as possible
  • Always monitor your training techniques. It must be right.
  • Take enough rest on the eve of the game so that you can deliver your 100% in the game.
  • Listen to your body’s need. If there is a pain in any part of the body, then don’t neglect to check it as it can be a sign of injury or over-exertion.
  • Always maintain a safer side and never push over yourself beyond your capacity

So these were a few preventive measures, but if you want a personalized consultation for sports injury treatment, then contact us today. We will try our best to heal the injury with the most effective method-non-surgical or surgical.

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