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Sports is a demanding activity which is useful for every living being. It helps to stay fit and can be a great way to pass your time. So due to the numerous benefits, it is suggested to engage in sports. But sometimes as a result of the wrong training or some accident, one is likely to get hurt. There is a high rate of injuries for sportsperson and thus they require special care. If you are looking for a sports rehab center in Gurgaon, then you are the place as we can provide special care for your injuries that you got in the game while training or playing the match. The intensity of the injury will be examined and thereafter the treatment will begin.

The trusted and advanced Sports Rehab Centre In Gurgaon

If you got injured during the game, then Impact Doctors Hub is the right place for you. It is a specialized clinic for treating all types of sports injuries. Here, you will be able get treatment from the leading sports injury doctor In Gurgaon. The infrastructure is planned according to the latest technology to provide the best healthcare facilities to the patients. We aim to promote sports and healthy lifestyle that can help people to achieve their goal when they are suffering from extreme pain due to any sports injury. Our rehab plan can help you to get back on your track by using the most effective approach of treatment. You may be a player of football, basketball, cricket, etc., but we can handle any type of sports injury and musculoskeletal injury.

Our rehabilitation plan is determined after a thorough analysis of the condition of the patient. Our team is well-qualified and experienced in treating any complicated sports injury. Also, we try our best to plan the treatment procedure in such a way that the patient can recover as soon as possible. All the tools needed in the treatment are already available with Impact Doctors Hub. The roadmap of the treatment is collaboratively decided by sports injury specialist and the team of physiotherapy. Our team is associated with many reputed sports associations to contribute their knowledge for the welfare of the athletes at a mass level.

  • Stress fractures
  • Knee joints injuries
  • Shoulder joints injuries
  • Muscle tear
  • Hamstring strain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Cuts or abrasions
  • Nose injury
  • Bruises

Although the unfortunate events can’t be predicted, we can train our bodies to prevent them to an extent. You can contact us for some preventive tips according to your sport and body type. Training right is the key to avoid injuries.

When should you urgently book an appointment with a medical expert?

  • If the person has lost this consciousness suddenly due to an injury
  • Injury triggered at neck, spine, head, eyes, abdomen or face
  • If the bones are broken or the joints are dislocated
  • In case the injured person is experiencing extreme pain

These are a few problems that need urgent medical help from a doctor. But apart from these, if you are experiencing pain for a long duration, then you need to consult a doctor or the situation may turn into a complicated case that may hamper day-to-day activities.

  • Always warm-up before starting your game or training session. Please ensure to keep the movements gentle and slow. It must include some stretches.
  • Pay attention to the foot structure and its condition
  • Always protect vulnerable joints and other sensitive regions of the body by wearing some safety equipment.
  • Stay hydrated during the game.
  • Try to avoid training or exercising when sunlight is at its peak
  • Always try to improve your stamina throughout the year before playing any game to maintain the fitness level in the off season
  • Try to improve the muscular strength by cross-training
  • Always get your training from experts as wrong training practices can also lead to sports injury
  • Take enough rest before any match so that the body charged up


For a complete personalized consultation according to your medical situation and sports, you can book your appointment at Impact Doctor’s Hub. We can guide you to stay healthy and even can provide some therapy sessions to strengthen your muscles. Our sports rehab centre in Gurgaon has all the equipment needed for complete recovery from any type of sports injury. If you have a doubt or want personal consultation, then feel free to contact us anytime. We will try our best to help you in the most efficient and feasible way.

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