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Undergoing arthroscopic surgery can be a life-changing experience, offering a chance to regain mobility and lead an active lifestyle once again. However, the road to recovery after surgery is often arduous and requires careful attention to specific rehabilitation methods.

Soon after your arthroscopic surgery, a physiotherapist becomes an essential guide and support system throughout your rehabilitation process. They specialize in optimizing recovery, helping you regain functionality, reducing pain, and ultimately restoring your quality of life. Your physiotherapist works closely with you to develop personalized programs, focusing on your specific injury, goals, and capabilities.

During the initial phase of your post-arthroscopic recovery, your physiotherapist adopts various techniques to assist you in overcoming pain, inflammation, and muscle atrophy. These methods may include electrical stimulation, cold therapy, range-of-motion exercises, and gentle mobilization techniques. By employing these strategies, a physiotherapist ensures that your joint function is restored as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

As you progress in your recovery, a key focus of your physiotherapist will shift towards developing muscular power and flexibility. Strengthening exercises play a crucial role in regaining lost muscle mass and improving overall joint stability. Under the guidance of your physiotherapist, you will be introduced to exercises that target specific muscle groups, gradually increasing resistance and difficulty levels. Additionally, flexibility training is incorporated to improve range of motion, reducing the risk of future injuries and enhancing overall performance.

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  • Dr Saed Varis
  • Dr Sonam Chauhan

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  • Dr Debasish Chanda
  • Dr Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay